If you are a regular advertiser on Facebook, you have certainly had the experience of an ad rejection. Ads can be flagged for any number of reasons, but they are usually easy to resolve (unless you need to generate all-new creative in order to get your ads back into compliance.) But what does it mean when Facebook shuts down your entire ad account, with no warning? Facebook does not give most advertisers any direct channels of support, so how do you get your ads back up and running? Here are a few ways to resolve it on your own:

  • Visit the Account Quality dashboard. This should be your first stop, and will usually give you more insights about any serious violations of Facebook policy. Appeal the rejection of any ads that you believe were flagged in error.
  • Check your payment methods. An expired or rejected credit card will get an entire account shut down once you hit the billing threshold.
  • Fix all ads that are currently rejected. Once you bring all of your ads into compliance with Facebook policies, this will usually bring your ad account back to life.
  • Enable Two-Factor authorization. You have this enabled already, right? Right??
  • Review compliance with political advertising requirements. If you are a political advertiser on Facebook, I’m really really sorry. Make sure that your ID verification is up-to-date, and that your page disclaimers/ownership are all in good order.

If after trying the above solutions you’re still stuck, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you.