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Planning a Plan (for 2021)

If you’re asking, “what should I do differently with my marketing in 2021,” my response is this: be ready to do everything the same. And also different. Don’t be rigid with your planning, because everything could (and probably will…) be upended tomorrow.

Marketing Funnel Basics

Understanding the marketing funnel concept is fundamental to how we as marketers plan campaigns and measure success. It’s a flawed abstraction to be sure, but it’s still one of the better tools we have for understanding and optimizing the customer journey. If you grasp the basics of the funnel, you’re Read more…

Inclusivity Gold Star

As brand marketers, we have a responsibility to our customers to portray humanity fairly. We are chronicling the human experience by shining light on our beauty, our flaws, and our needs. The stories we tell should be truthful, and the truth is that humanity everywhere is diverse in ways beyond just skin tone.

CCPA and You

Knowing who your customers are and collecting information about them has always been one of the pillars of building a successful business. That information can include purchase history, billing information, or other pieces of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The internet has made it relatively easy for businesses to collect PII Read more…


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