Business team in a presentation

Presentation is Everything

Presentations. They are ubiquitous and inevitable. Everyone, even in primary school, gets experience presenting information in some format (ask me sometime about the awful Google Presentation slides I helped my daughter create for her virtual 6th grade experience…) Many even get to make a career out of presenting. Consider the Read more…

Measuring Success

Whether it’s selling bicycles virtually, cookies and app tracking crumbling, and the continued cratering of traditional pay-TV, we have witnessed a decade’s worth of marketing disruption compressed into a span of months. Businesses are slowly beginning to ramp up their operations as the pandemic eases, which means every dollar spent Read more…

Inclusivity Gold Star

As brand marketers, we have a responsibility to our customers to portray humanity fairly. We are chronicling the human experience by shining light on our beauty, our flaws, and our needs. The stories we tell should be truthful, and the truth is that humanity everywhere is diverse in ways beyond just skin tone.